Hike Volcanoes in Guatemala

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Whether you’re kayaking in the waters of Lake Atitlan, wandering the western Mayan highlands, or exploring the many temples and landmarks, Casa Xelaju’s Hike Volcanoes and mountains in Guatemala trekk will take you to new heights — both literally and figuratively. You’ll climb to the top of Mayan temples and high volcanoes — but the education and the volunteering opportunities will also raise you up. 

Hike Xela to Lago the Atitlan     Climbing Volcan Santa Maria    Hike Volcan Tajumulco     Hike Volcan Santiaguito            Hike Cerro Quemado 

Offering a combination of nature, history and culture, this tour gives you a taste of Guatemala that you won’t find with just every tour company. Because this one is focused on “hiking volcanoes,” you’re promised a rare peek into rural life that not every tour company can offer. And with the opportunity to do volunteer work and visit rural schools, it’s sure to be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Teachers who participate in the Hiking Volcanoes in Guatemala  trip will obtain 50 CEUs.

 Here’s just a small peek into what you can expect on this 12-day adventure:

Day 1 – Be greeted by our team in Guatemala City and then take a bus ride to the city of Quetzaltenango, where you’ll meet your host family.

Day 2 – Tour local landmarks, churches and museums, as well as beautifully-preserved colonial buildings and monuments. Also take part in a Mayan ceremony that gives you a deeper understanding of the Mayan religion and cosmos.

Day 3 – Hike the sacred Mayan lagoon of Laguna de Chicabal and then relax in the waters of a hot spring.

Day 4 – Hike the extinct, rocky volcano of Cerro Quemado, where you’ll have dazzling views of the city of Quetzaltenango and the surrounding five volcanic peaks. Later visit two indigenous villages, where you’ll meet one of the three surviving Mayan gods.

Day 5 – Hike the active volcano of Mirador de Santiaguito and participate in volunteer work in the afternoon with La Pedrera Community Project.

Day 6. Weaving demonstration in Chichicastenango. Students will have  a unique opportunity to visit a organic weaving in a house. At the same time,  the owners will allow students to make tortillas and feed everybody with tortillas, beans and salsa picante. Afternoon visit the church in San Andres Shecul. This church was painted with mayan drawings in spite of the catholic church opposition.  Later,  you will visit an underground wine factory in Salcaja. Evening,  Fiesta with cooking lesson and dinner.

Day 7. Visiting elementary school in Aldea Vela, San Felipe Reu (morning). Teachers and adults will have an opportunity to chat with local teachers, students and observe how teachers teach in Guatemala. Stay at IRTRA five start hotel in Retalhuleu. This place has 14 hotels, three swimming pools.

Day 8.  Leave IRTRA at noon to visit a middle school. This evening, hiker will arrive in Panajachel.

Day 9. Hikers depart to Lake Atitlan. Cross the lake to San Pedro and  Santiago Atitlan.  Afternoon, return to Panajachel.

Day 10. Visit Chichicastenango, one of the largest indigenous market in Central America where you will be shopping in this open market. Afternoon trip to Antigua, Guatemala.

Day 11. Morning, hike to either volcano de Agua o Fuego.  Afternoon, tour to the Antigua’s historic center.

Day 12. Morning, departure to the airport in Guatemala City.

Hike Xela to Lago the Atitlan Climbing Volcan Santa Maria Hike Volcan TajumulcoHike Volcan Santiaguito