Gap Year in Guatemala

by j.batres


Gap Year in Guatemala

Our Spanish GAP year program and volunteer, internship opportunities in Quetzaltenango,  Guatemala is for high school students who are looking to engage in extra-academic and non-academic Spanish programs through which they can acquire the target language in an immersion environment with a homestay, do volunteer work, or internships in poor communities and travel in the country.

This program will help students not only to improve themselves in building a better resume before going to college but also to build a deeper understanding of themselves.

This self-discovery will assist them as they make their course of study decisions. Their participation in non-academic activities related to underdevelopment in third-world countries will help make students better citizens of the world.

With our total Spanish immersion program based on one-on-instruction in Quetzaltenango,  Guatemala, students will become linguistically and culturally bilingual in a short period of time which is not possible through traditional Spanish classes in the students’ home countries. This type of immersion creates a need for Spanish language learning that is authentic and based on daily interactions with another culture.

 Volunteer work and internship we offer:

Helping K-12 students from La Pedrera Community Project with math, English, science, social studies, and other subjects.

Teaching K-12 students computer programs in our computer lab.

Working at our office translating documents from Spanish into English.

Make calls to the United States to contact sponsors.

Helping with the website

Working with Human Right Organizations

We also have contact with other organizations in the city which offer other volunteer opportunities.

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Volunteer work video

Students can study for 12weeks  to master an advanced level even if they are arriving with a very basic level of Spanish.  In 12 weeks you will be able to communicate at an advanced level which will allow you to do volunteer work or internship in the community.

After these weeks, we offer introductory classes to Hispanic literature.  In six weeks you will be able to cover a general introductory literature class.  While you are taking this class, you can do volunteer work in the communities.

For students who have a more advanced level, we recommend that you do six weeks of Spanish instruction before taking either Hispanic literature or doing volunteer work.

If you are not sure about your Spanish level, we can do a free assessment through

College credit units are available for an extra fee through two US colleges.

Spanish program video

We highly recommend doing volunteer work for at least eight weeks. However, the length of time you can spend is flexible according to your time limits.

Through volunteer work, volunteers gain insight into social issues and problems facing Guatemala and help to contribute to their solutions, while at the same time gaining valuable educational experience.

The programs that Casa Xelajú supports are in turn enhanced by the abilities, energy, and goodwill that volunteers bring, thus strengthening the bonds between social work, educational institutions, and cultural organizations.

Tuition for Spanish instruction, five hours a day, five days a week is US$180.00 during the slow season and $200.00 during the Summer.

The tuition includes homestay with a local family, three meals a day, and own bedroom. Families do not provide meals o Sundays.

Volunteer work is US$70.00 per week which includes homestay with a local family.

The internship is $100.00 per week including supervision, homestay with a local family.

The registration fee is US$50.00 no refundable for both programs.

When you fill the application, use the regular Spanish program. Write GAP Year in Guatemala when you send the application.

Please contact us so we can personalize your GAP year in Xelaju, Guatemala.

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