DELE Exam Test Preparation

by casa.xelaju

DELE Spanish Exam test Preparation

CX offers an intensive Spanish DELE Exam test  Preparation exam course for students needing to pass the Diploma de Español Como Lengua Extranjera examination for any of the three different levels of proficiency: Inicial, Intermedio, and Superior.

The Instituto Cervantes (the official governmental organization that promotes the Spanish language) is in charge of the DELE Spanish language exams. For more information about the DELE Spanish exam, including their fees, course description, and testing dates, please visit

DELE Test Preparation

One-on-one instruction in Quetzaltenango,  Guatemala.

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In our intensive, one-on-one Spanish exam preparation for the Spanish DELE exam in

Quetzaltenango,  Guatemala, the student not only will improve his or her Spanish skills but will also be able to raise his or her score on any of the test levels without stress and anxiety.

Our Spanish exam preparation is based on the content areas of the test: Listening, reading comprehension, linguistic and language structure, cultural understanding, and written and oral expression.

Furthermore, our teachers will spend additional time making sure you are well prepared for the essay section. Each of our teachers has up to 30 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a second language, knowledge and language skills, and familiarity with this and other language tests.

The instruction format is one teacher per student, five hours a day, five days a week, and an included homestay with a Guatemalan family.

Living with a Guatemalan family will enhance your cultural and linguistic experience by providing a full immersion environment for your Spanish study.

Our teachers will be working with the student candidate on test strategies, short cuts based o the official material and other sources, as well as giving mock exams.

You may begin our DELE Spanish test preparation course on any Monday, year-round. The tuition is US$185.00 per week during the slow season and US$185.00 per week during the summer and $85.00 per week for homestay.

This fee includes five hours of one-on-one instruction, five days a week, daily social and cultural activities, Homestay includes a private bedroom and three meals from Monday to Saturday. You can stay with your family on Sundays. However, your family will not feed you.

We highly recommend at least 10-14 weeks of full immersion Spanish instruction for students who are at a very beginning level in order to reach an intermediate level.

If the student wishes to reach a superior level, we highly recommend 20 weeks of Spanish preparation. For students who have studied Spanish and simply wish to review for the test, we recommend 3-5 weeks of study.

Casa  Xelaju also offers other Spanish test preparation courses for teachers from other states, and courses for university, college, and high school students.

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