Spanish Test Preparation for SAT II

by casa.xelaju

Spanish Test Preparation for SAT II

Are you thinking about taking the SAT II Spanish test? If the answer is yes, let us help you to prepare in a total Spanish immersion environment.

Casa  Xelaju is offering an SAT II Spanish preparation course to seniors or juniors who are applying to study in the best universities in the USA.

Unlike other SAT II Spanish preparation courses in the USA, our course is fast and rewarding because you will receive 100% of the instruction in Spanish with highly qualified native Guatemalan teachers with over 15 years of experience in second language acquisition in Spanish.

At the same time, you will live with a Guatemalan family where members do not speak English at all. So, you will have plenty of time to improve your listening and oral skills in a real situation.

Our course will prepare you to dramatically improve your listening, written, and comprehension skills, which are the 3 components of the test, in a very short time.

Although the College Board* recommends two years of preparation in the USA, with our Spanish immersion course preparation you will only need two months.

Your five hours of instruction daily will be divided into two blocks, two hours of SAT II preparation a day, one hour of listening, and one and half hours of comprehension and written exercises.

It is highly recommended that students take this course preparation right before taking the SAT II Spanish test.
Students will need to purchase textbooks in the USA. Please contact us for more information on materials.

Course preparation starts on any Monday year-round. If you can not attend for eight weeks, you may register for four to six weeks, but not all curriculum will be completed.

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*Casa  Xelaju is not affiliated with the College Board, which does not endorse this Spanish test preparation course.

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