Trekking Volcan Tajumulco in guatemala

by j.batres

Trekking Volcan Tajumulco in guatemala

Hike Volcan Tajumulco will give you the satisfaction of conquering the tallest volcano in Central America. Reaching Tajumulco’s summit to watch the sunrise and enjoy the view of more than 6 volcanoes in the cordillera. 

It will be an experience you will never forget. You will be in awe of the celestial dome full of dramatic colors and light.  This view leaves you feeling as if you’ve had a spiritual encounter with nature.


Volcan Tajumulco is the tallest volcano in Central America at 4,202 meters (13,786 ft). With 2 summits. It offers a spectacular sunrise full of colors and views of several volcanoes including 7 Orejas, Santa Maria, Santiaguito, Santo Tomas, Laguna Chicabal, and others.

Hike Volcan Tajumulco summits is a two-day hike. We will be leaving our building in Quetzaltenango at 4:30 AM. We will walk to La Terminal bus station where we will take a “chicken bus” to San Marcos.

The bus ride takes 2 hours. We also offer private transportation from Quetzaltenango to Chuan. It is more comfortable than sharing the chicken bus with 80 people.

In San Marcos, we will stop for breakfast. There we’ll take another bus to the town of Christian, a small town 6 km away from the summit.

Hiking the first km will be not very steep. However, the second km becomes very steep and rocky. Carrying a backpack will make the hiking a bit slower. If you do not want to carry your pack, it is possible to rent mules in the town which helps ease the trek difficulty.

We will not reach the summit the first day and will stay overnight in the base camp which is located 250 meters below the summits.

The next morning, the final trek will begin at 4:00 AM. Upon reaching the summits you will notice it becoming very windy and cold. 

But you will be distracted by the incredible view of the sunrise and the mountains and volcanoes in Guatemala. It will all be worth it!

Donation: $200.00 for one person, $220.00 for two people, $300.00 for three people,  400.00 for four people.  It does not include tips. Departures everyday.

All the profits will be donated to La Pedrera Community Project, a non-profit organization supporting more than 60 children with after-school academic support * computer classes, more info, Your donation is tax-deductible in the US.

We also offer private transportation from Quetzaltenango to Chuan. Please contact us for the price. 

We offer this hiking with private transportation from our building o your hotel to Tajumulco, a town near the summit. This trip from Xela to Tajumulco and here to the Tajumulco summit will be much shorter. Please contact us for more details.   

The donation includes One night stay in our building with your sleeping bag in a communal big room, 4 meals, ground transportation, guide. 

What to bring. A very good flashlight, hiking shoes, winter coat, a backpack, sleeping bag, plenty of water, snacks, toilet paper. This volcano has microclimates. The peak will be very cold and windy.

We also offer other hiking trips.

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Casa Xelaju has been offering Spanish immersion, renting apartments, and hiking trips for 31 years. We are the only socially responsible travel organization in Guatemala rated A+ by the BBB.


Hikers taking a break on Tajumulco Volcano summitTrekking Volcan TajumulcoSunrise in Volcan Tajumulco, GuatemalaSunrise, Volcan TajumulcoHikers walking towards Volcan Tajumulco summit

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