Hike Cerro Quemado

by j.batres

Hike Cerro Quemado

The hike to Cerro Quemado (Almolonga volcano) takes 2 hours  from central park, Quetzaltenango. The peak of this extinct volcano is a 3.3 km wide dome composed of very rocky lava, 3,197 feet above sea level. 

From the summit, hikers will be able to view the Almolonga, Quetzaltenango, and Llanos del Pinal valleys and several volcanoes including Santa Maria, Santiaguito, Siete Orejas, and others.

Almolonga volcano destroyed itself by a huge eruption 1,200 years ago. 

The last part of the hike to Cerro Quemado is very hilly on rocky terrain. The area is considered sacred land and hikers may have an opportunity to observe Mayan ceremonies. On the way back, a hiker can take hot steam baths in several places.

Donation: $60.00 for one to four people,  Departures everyday.

All the profits will be donated to La Pedrera Community Project, a non-profit organization supporting more than 60 children with after-school academic support, more info, www.lapedreraschoolproject.com does not include tips.Hike Cerro Quemado

Items to bring:

We usually leave in the morning or early in the afternoon, 7 days a week.

Casa Xelaju has been offering Spanish immersion, renting apartments, and hiking trips for over 30 years. We are the only socially responsible travel organization in Guatemala rated A+ by the BBB.

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