Spanish CLEP Preparation

by casa.xelaju

Spanish CLEP Preparation

We offer this course online through Skype

The College Level Examination Program, better known as CLEP, is a specialized Spanish preparation course offered by Casa Xelaju to prepare college, high school students, and adults to pass this test when they return to their countries.

Our teachers have been trained in thSpanish CLEP Preparationis test preparation to give students a better chance to obtain a high score. The CLEP is used by universities to assess the Spanish knowledge students obtained through a language program or experience away from the traditional university classroom.

Students have a chance to answer all the questions in ninety minutes. If the student scores high, he/she can bypass beginning-level courses and jump to upper-level courses, therefore saving on tuition costs. Over 2,600 universities in the world currently assess their students with this CLEP.

Casa Xelaju will e-mail you the materials including a list of textbooks the students should bring to Guatemala.

Students wishing to take this test preparation with Casa Xelaju have three choices:

1.) To take the test preparation for two weeks, five hours a day, five days a week. (advanced levels only)

2.) To participate in our regular Spanish program with two out of the five hours dedicated to testing for four weeks or

3.) To dedicate one hour daily for eight weeks as part of our regular Spanish program.

*CLEP is a College Board’s trademark and is not affiliated with Casa Xelaju.

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