What are the 13 Stages of Curriculum Development 2007

by casa.xelaju

Do you want to know What are the 13 Stages of Curriculum Development? then do check out this article to know more about Curriculum Development.

Curriculum Development

In order to make our educational materials more interesting to our students, our teachers work with articles published in newspapers and magazines in Guatemala and Latin America as a part of their curriculum development.

These articles focus on local, national, and world issues. This is a tremendous benefit for our students because they learn about the social and cultural issues of Guatemala and Latin American while accomplishing linguistics objectives.

All the educational material produced by our staff is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy


1. Abuse of Women by the National Civil Police (PNC)
2. The Death of Pinochet (Ex-Dictator of Chile)


3. Who are the Benítez Brothers?
4. Car Theft in Guatemala
5. The Most Sought After Man in the Closing of BanCafé
6. International Women´s Day (Less Tears and More Action)


7. Under the Boot of the Military: A National Civil Police That Receives Orders From the Military
8. The Interrogation of the Minister of Government Carlos Vielmann (The Throwing Out For Lack of Confidence)
9. Gangs Operating Urban Transport


10. Latin America and the Problem of the Name
11. The Literature of Latin America
12. Latin American Plural-Culturalism and Its Women Celebrities
13. Latin America and Its People

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