by casa.xelaju

Press Release: Casa Xelaju, Guatemala, May 23, 2007
By: Casa Xelaju and La Pedrera Community Project


Casa Xelaju is proud to announce the opening of the Wayne Hess Electronic Library for La Pedrera Community on June 27 in a special ceremony. The construction of this Electronic Public Library is possible thanks to the solidarity work of Wayne Hess, a former CX student from Beaverton, OR.

Wayne Hess, with his tireless work and the help of Rotary International, was able to obtain a donation of more than 18 computers and more than $4,000 to build a 3rd story on top of the La Pedrera Community building.

Casa Xelaju, for its part, has donated 30% of the new library cost. It has also donated the hardware to connect the E-Library with the internet via WIFI with its building in the city of Quetzaltenango. Casa Xelaju will provide internet access to the community for free and will maintain the network.

On behalf of the La Pedrera Community Project, Casa Xelaju greatly appreciates the tremendous effort Wayne has put into this project. Without his help, this new electronic library would not have been possible. For this reason, the community unanimously named the E-Library after him.

High-speed Internet access in Guatemala is very elitist because the service is very expensive. By providing this service to the community, we hope we can educate and prepare the community members for a better life in the future with more opportunities.

Finally, if you wish to help to maintain this project with volunteer work or donations, please contact us.

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