by casa.xelaju

Partners Casa Xelajú

We partner with other organizations that enhance our mission and help support the La Pedrera School. Our partners are listed below.

Casa Xelajú (pron. shay-la-hoo)

Casa Xelajú is a socially-responsible educational institute in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala promoting cross-cultural understanding through its Spanish, Quiche languages and cultural programs. They support our efforts through in-country coordination and administration of the program.

Latin American Adoptive Families of Wisconsin, Inc. (LAAF-WI, Inc.)

LAAF-WI is a nonprofit organization supporting families adopting children of Latin American heritage. They sponsor several La Pedrera school children through their program.

Start-Up Partners

We would also like to acknowledge everyone who helped make the genesis of this project possible. In addition to all the generous cash donations, a few individuals and firms donated computers, supplies, and their time.

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