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Tuition Casa Xelaju

Tuition Per Person for our regular Spanish programs

Low season

From the 3rd week of August to the 3rd week of May. – US$190.00 per week w/o homestay, 5 hours for one-on-one, 5 days a week.

Homestay US$90.00 per week

You can also study for fewer hours per day, the cost per hour is US$8.00

High season

From the 3rd week of May through the 2nd week of August.– US$195.00 per week w/o homestay, 5 hours for one-on-one, 5 days a week.

Homestay US$90.00 per week

You can also study for fewer hours per day, the cost per hour is US$9.00

If you are enrolled in an educator, high/middle school, or college programs, please contact your chaperon or Casa  Xelaju directly for tuition.

Note: Homestay for a full week (7 days). Meals are included 6 days a week.
If you arrive on a Sunday, you can start living with your family. However, families will not feed you.

Reviews and testimonials, find out why Casa  Xelaju has 100% customer satisfaction.  

For Specialized and Preparation Courses – add $10 to the weekly price.

Tuition Includes:

– 5 hours of one-on-one (or 2-3, 4-5 group instruction) 5 days a week*
– – From the 3rd week of May through the 2nd week of August five activities per week, rest of the year, three activities per weeks.
– homestay with a Guatemala family with a private room
– 3 meals daily, 6 days a week (housing, but not food is included on Sunday)
– translators
– free unlimited internet access, 100 Mbps.
– Round table discussions and guide fees
– free organic coffee, tea, and bread during break time every day
– free access to the school’s library (over 1000 books. 

Laundry services, dance classes, and weaving lessons are available for an additional fee.
Tuition does not cover ground transportation, hotels, and meals during local field trips or excursions.

*Class Schedule: 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and, during Summer months, also 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

NOTE: For the Specialized Courses, K’iche’, Mam, Subjunctive and Latin America literature courses add the extra US $10.00 per week


Students can begin their studies at CX on any Monday. However, CX recommends that reservations be made at least two weeks ahead of time or sooner for January and the summer months.

If you cannot arrive on Monday, we might be able to accommodate to start classes on any day of the week.

To reserve a place at CX:

  • please complete the application form
  • send a US $50.00 registration fee that does not go towards your tuition (non-refundable, good for seven years) to our office in Minneapolis, MN.
  • The US $30.00 deposit for each week you plan on attending in the summer (the US $20.00 deposit per week for other months).

The remainder of your tuition may be paid upon arrival with a bank check, money order or travelers check. No deposit will be refunded for cancellations made within two weeks of your departure from your country.

Groups tuition:

For high school, teachers, and health care workers groups, tuition is US$1,750.00 for three weeks which includes all ground private transportation during three weeks, field trips, 

extended tour to the city, excursions,  boat fees to cross Lake Atitlan, five starts hotels, access to parks, museums, farms meals during weekends, daily social and cultural activities, homestay with a private bedroom and three meals a day including Sundays. No registration fee. 


If you decide to cancel any amount of the time you signed up to study at CX, you will be expected to pay for it. WE GIVE A 50% REFUND FOR TIME CANCELED.

If you do not arrive on the day you tell us, and your teacher is left waiting, you will be charged accordingly. You might be able to make up the days with your teacher when you arrive.

Holidays – No Classes.

However, you have to pay for the five days. We have to obey the labor law, otherwise, we are fined by the government. 

January 1 Good Friday
May 1 June 25*
September 15 October 20*
November 1* December 25

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