3 Weeks Spanish summer adventure

by casa.xelaju

Why choose Spanish Adventure in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala?

    • The immersion experience speeds language acquisition and retention
    • The faculty and staff are committed to helping learners assimilate quickly
  • The focus on culture as well as language 

  • Savanna Pearson Chaperone, 608 322 2384, savannahpearson@charter.net, June 30 – July 21, 2024.

  • First meeting, 10/28/2023,  12:00 CST.  https://meet.google.com/jod-xesr-xzg
  • 3 Weeks  Spanish summer adventure in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala is designed especially for teachers, administrators, and others. Its goal is to give school personnel the ability to better communicate with Latino students and their families.

The three-week program focuses not only on Spanish language learning but also on creating a better cultural understanding of Latino students and their families living in the United States.

In addition to learning a new language, educators and others will learn popular expressions used by their students and families, as well as have the opportunity to visit schools in rural and urban settings.

CX  is pleased to offer an alternative and unique curriculum for intermediate to advanced students who want to learn more about the current events in Guatemala.

Studying these events will introduce a historical perspective based on internal and external affairs that have shaped Guatemalan society up to the 21st century.  Read more…

Spanish test preparation for students who need to pass the proficiency level in order to obtain their teaching license. 

We are offering educational tours for educators this summer

Spanish summer adventure Video

Obtain up to 16 undegraduate college credit in Spanish or 125 CEUS

Dates in the Summer and chaperones  of 2022         Sample Calendar of activities

Fund for Teachers is offering grants to teachers and school administrators who participate in our Spanish program for educators in Quetzaltenango,  Guatemala.  For more info, please contact Perrin Worrell 800.681.2667

We are aware that learning a second language in the United States can be difficult with the heavy workload that most school personnel carry.

With a total immersion approach, this learning process can be accelerated as well as enlightening as you experience the Spanish culture firsthand.

Visiting a foreign country to study its language can be an overwhelming experience for even the most seasoned traveler. However, when the school you attend is Casa  Xelajú, all of your fears and worries seem to go away.

Its faculty and staff make your stay comfortable and your language learning fun. The school has a genuine interest in your assimilation into the language and culture of Guatemala.

For more information about individual travel and classes, please email our staff.

Tuition US$1,750.00 +airfare

Tuition includes 3 meals a day, 5 hours of instruction a day, own bedroom,  4 hotels with one colonial-style five-star hotel with AC  (shared rooms) during excursions, translations, fees to access parks and museums, private transportation during the trip, breakfasts during excursions, boat to cross Lake Atitlan, daily social and cultural activities.

Please mail out the $200.00 deposit as initial payment.  After that, you should talk to your chaperone or our office about the payment schedule.

You should arrive on Sunday at noon in Guatemala City airport. Our bus will be there waiting for students. We will be leaving at 1:00 to 2:00 PM.

For college credit in Spanish, please contact:

  bhcStudyAbroad@dcccd.edu Seattle university 

Tel: (206) 587.5422  kakato@sccd.ctc.edu

Holidays – No Classes

January 1 Good Friday
May 1 June 25*
September 15 October 20*
November 1* December 25

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